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Each Sunday in July, we will have only one service at 10:30 am. 

Worship at Faith:

“Worship is at the very heart of the church’s life. All that the church is and does is rooted in its worship. The community of faith, Faith Presbyterian Confirmation Class 2014gathered in response to God’s call is formed in worship. Worship is the principal influence that shapes our faith and is the most visible way we express the faith. In worship, through Word and Sacrament, the church is sustained by the One who is the source of its life and empowered to serve God in the world.”

These words from The Book of Common Worship of the Presbyterian Church USA underscore the importance of worship in the life of God’s people. Here at Faith Presbyterian Church, we Worship at Faith Presbyterian Churchprovide two worship opportunities each Sunday, each with its own particular style and format.

Our 8:30 am Worship Service is held in the Fellowship Hall and is conducted in a very relaxed, informal, and interactive style. This family friendly service often includes skits, video clips, the involvement of children, and yes, lots of interaction between the congregation and worship leaders. The music for this service is contemporary in style and is led by Faith’s Praise Band. Coffee, juice and light snacks are always available to get worshipers up and going and casual dress is appropriate and welcome.


Worship at Faith Presbyterian ChurchOur 10:30 am Worship Service is held in the Sanctuary and as one might expect, is more traditional in its style and format, while still maintaining a relaxed and informal “feel.” The music for this service is led by our organist and chancel choir and includes familiar hymns as well as moving anthems. Our Pastor provides a special message for our children who are always welcome to share in the worship of the congregation.

Worship at Faith Presbyterian ChurchSpecial Worship Services: Throughout the year Faith offers special worship services in concert with the feasts and festivals of the church year. Some of these services include: Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion, Christmas Eve Children’s Service, Holy Week Worship, Easter Sunrise, and our Annual Independence Day Worship and Picnic. As the time for these special services nears, detailed information can be found on this website and on Faith’s FaceBook page.

Worship at Faith Presbyterian ChurchSacraments: The Sacraments of the church serve as tangible reminders of God’s amazing grace. On the first Sunday of each month, both of our worship services include the celebration of the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper as we remember and rejoice in the gift of life God has given us through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The celebration of the Lord’s Supper is open to all who worship with us regardless of age or faith tradition. In the Presbyterian Church, Worship at Faith Presbyterian Churchthe Sacrament of Baptism serves as a tangible sign of our inclusion into the family of God. Parents of infants and young children are encouraged to present their children for baptism as a sign that long before their child can do anything to earn God’s love, God has already claimed him or her as his precious child. Youth or adults not previously baptized are invited to present themselves for baptism upon their profession of faith in Jesus Christ. Those wishing to know more about the Sacraments of Baptism or the Lord’s Supper are invited to speak to the Pastor.

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