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5003 Whitesburg Dr.
Huntsville, AL 35802

Faith Presbyterian Church (USA) was organized on October 26, 1958 with 28 Charter members. The congregation met for worship, study, and fellowship in a night club on Whitesburg Drive at Airport Road. (The nightclub wasn't using the building on Sunday mornings!) The buildings and ten acres of ground were then purchased and converted for church use. The church continued to grow in the Grace of God and in the sight of man. Strengthened with might by the Holy Spirit, our church has known many wonderful years.

The Reverend John Sadler became the first full time pastor on June 1, 1959. He retired in 1980. Our second full time pastor was Dr. Henry D. Pope. He retired in 2002. Dr. Steven Stager became Senior Pastor and Head of Staff in early 2005. In November of 2011, the congregation called the Rev. Dr. Tom Lovell as its fourth installed pastor.

Faith's Fellowship Hall was destroyed and other buildings were damaged by a tornado on November 15, 1989. The recovery has been remarkable. With the help of friends, community, determination, and faith, the members have rebuilt not only their property, but their sense of hope. Three rooms in the new building have been hardened to provide protection from the danger of tornadoes, with the capacity to shelter hundreds.

The rest of Faith's history starts today. It will be exciting to see what God has in store for God's Church through this congregation. We would love you to come be a part of it!